For files that
can't fade away.

There are things that we cannot afford to lose.
Unfortunately, often we find out about it way too late.
The issue with regular cloud storage providers is that your files are still at the risk of getting deleted by a malicious party that obtains an access to your account.

Ransomware, false-positive account closure, all kinds of malicious attacks cause havoc to companies. is protecting you against known and unknown dangers that can occur.
Immutable cloud storage offers the highest level of file retention available.
Immutable means secure.

Our goal is to preserve data you need to keep, like:
-photos and videos of life-defining moments
-your diplomas
-scans of documents
-tax returns
-project files
-CAD files
-passwords and keys
-law documents
...and more.

We all have files that, if missing or manipulated, would cause havoc and sorrow. mission is to provide a safe harbor for them.
Immutability means that no file uploaded to is at risk of prematurely being deleted, edited in any way, and will never fade away just because it's out of the focus right now.
We'll preserve the important for you.

Immutable means secure.
Immutable means that your files will never fade away.