Life is like a
box of chocolates... never know what you're gonna get.

Hello! My name is Bart, and I am the founder of
Its mission is to fill the void in immutable, customer-friendly cloud storage.

immutable [ ih-myoo-tuh-buhl ] - not mutable; unchangeable; changeless.

All options for immutable cloud storage are focused on corporations - our is the first that works for everyone.
I've lost personal photos and other crucial files before despite having backups. And so did my friends, family members, and companies I knew. Due to the lack of permanent, immutable, and user-friendly solutions - was created.
The goal is to provide a safe space to permanently store the essential data without you EVER needing to worry about it.
Immutability provides COMPLETE IMMUNITY of uploaded files to ransomware and hacker attacks.
Accidents of all kinds happen - medical issues, random life events, or simply missing an invoice - you should never worry about your data being on the line. is suitable to store ANY kind of data. From photos to tax files. From bitcoin to family videos. From projects to legal documents.

Problem-Solution Statement


Hard drives, memory cards, flash storage constantly fail (X% to XX% of devices each year depending on the usage).
Cloud storage providers close accounts by mistake; malicious players can wipe them; they might be removed due to unpaid invoices.
We are humans, and we make mistakes. Deleting the wrong file, folder, editing something we shouldn't - those things happen.
Assuming "nothing bad can happen" is asking for the opposite. You need to protect against things that you cannot predict.
No matter how hard you try, there is no easy solution to permanent protection for all your files.
Until now.

Solution provides truly permanent, immutable file storage.
Our goal is to create an easy-to-use "vault" for all the files that you cannot afford to lose.
Immutable cloud storage provides peace of mind. Privacy, encryption, and redundancy reinforce that.
Immutability protects you against mistakes, attacks, or malicious intentions of people having access to your data.
Permanency makes things easier - you upload, and it's there - no need to worry about it. is the first dedicated provider of immutable cloud storage. We make it easy to secure your files, whether you are an occasional web user or corporate veteran.
We have a laser focus on a single task - to permanently secure and store your files. We have no aim to be the next Dropbox - our sole goal is to be THE BEST destination for immutable cloud storage needs.
We utilize the strongest industry-standard encryption and data storage methods.
All files on are immutable - once the file is added to the cloud, it cannot be removed or tampered with - neither by you nor us. focuses on privacy - we have no access to unencrypted versions of your files or even their names (including extensions, which are obfuscated).
The encryption keys are NEVER stored on our servers - they are dynamically generated when you log in (which protects your data against hack attacks and data surveillance).
Each file you upload is distributed in its encrypted (impossible to decrypt) and anonymized form to three independent data storage facilities managed by different operators located in the US or Europe. Each distribution is then securely duplicated numerous times for better redundancy.
The next time you worry about losing some precious files, think about securing them permanently with immutable cloud storage.

Life is like a box of chocolates, cloud storage dosen't have to be.