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I'm Bart

A full-stack developer.
With over a decade of professional experience as a freelancer, I've worked with diverse companies, including big corporations, local firms, airports, web agencies, and startups. These experiences have sharpened my skills and knowledge. Currently, I mainly combine Webflow with custom code to create engaging web projects, yet I'm flexible, adaptive, and ready to embrace new challenges.
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Project manager

Steering towards success.
I have studied Business Studies at ITB Ireland and Management with a specialization in Business Psychology in Poland. Additionally, I have completed courses in security, communication, project management, and more, backed by years of experience in managing projects and empowering teams.
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Nurturing the brands of tomorrow.
In the past, I successfully operated a marketing agency for several years, where I focused on specializing in SEO and marketing strategy, while honing my skills in branding and behaviorism. Through my experience, I have gained expertise in creating highly engaging and optimized web structures.
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Front-end dev

Expanding Webflows Possibilities.
I'm a Webflow developer. Before that I worked on Wordpress, Shopify, and custom solutions. With over a decade of front-end development experience, I can easily expand Webflow's functionality and create custom web projects.
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Back-end dev

Turning wishes to functional code.
I have a passion for backend development, infrastructure maintenance, and fixing complex code issues. Over the years, I have worked with machine learning, secure storage, and database management. Currently, I am focused on PHP - Laravel and WordPress development.
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I have been working with the Central Bank of Ireland since 2011, serving as an independent security consultant. Throughout my role, I specialize in providing solutions to enhance their web safety and facilitate data migration projects.
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BEeRISING screenshot
Working with a small, family-run beekeeping business from Poland was a delightful experience! I was tasked with creating a design based on the provided samples, with a focus on simple animations and clear messaging.
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I have had a longstanding relationship with Norton (previously Symantec) since 2006 and continue to serve as an external web security expert and consultant for their Irish office. Over the years, I have provided support for various legacy projects.
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