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Family Photos?
Let's fix that! is the permanent cloud storage for all the files you cannot afford to lose.
It's immutable, so you don't need to worry ever again for your files to get deleted, misplaced, or hacked!

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Protect your files while you still can. helps you to preserve your files permanently.
There are things, that should never vanish.

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Your account is like three independent and anonymous bank safe deposit boxes - a secure containers that'll hold all your files no matter what.
It's as secure as it can be.


Each file you upload is fully anonymized and encrypted. It's then placed in three different and independent cloud storage providers. All of this is happens behind the scenes - so you don't need to be a security expert!


You can download each file - it will get decrypted and brought back to the original state. There is no chance for the data to be corrupted. But, just in case, we have 3 independent copies of each file. So that you know it's secure.

Do You Wanna play a game?
Let's not.

46% of personal data is lost each year. is a highest security cloud storage that takes the permanency of data to the next level.
By making all the files immutable you don't need to worry about human errors, hacker attacks, ransomware, social engineering, malicious attempts, data simply fading away, or unexpected life events.
Upload it, and stop worrying about it again.
It's that simple.


Main Features


Protection, permanency, stability, and trust are our main goals - always.

1 Year Iron Clad

You forgot to, or cannot pay the invoice? Worry not - your data is safe.
You have one year to get that sorted.
We understand those things happen!
Learn more here.

Shield Yourself

You might want to back your personal files, your company data, or your family photos. No matter the goal, you can be sure, that the files uploaded are safe - permanently.
You can sleep well.

The facts:

It's because of:
-46% of personal files go missing each year
-43% of companies go out of business right after a major data loss
-20% of Bitcoins are lost forever
-feeling the regret when the worst happens

-utilize field tested, industry standard safety procedures
-use SHA-256 encryption on all your files and associated data
-anonymize file ownership
-make files unchangeable and undeletable
-distribute each file to three independent data centers

Growing with you

7,5 / 100GB

Per month, when paid annualy
$9/mo when paid monthly

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  • Unchangeable
  • Undeletable
  • Private
  • SHA-256 Encrypted
  • Securerly Distributed
  • Easy to use webapp
  • No set-up needed
  • Worry free
  • Friendly support
  • Fail-proof architecture
  • Ergonomic backend
  • Payments are secured and processed by PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

They cannot be more secure than with - you don't need to worry about someone getting an access to your account - no one can delete or edit your files.
All the data you upload is encrypted, meaning that for everyone, but you, it's completely unusable (the files appear as nonsensical text files). We encrypt everything that could point to what the file is. No matter if it's a video, text file, or tax documents, it will look the same.
Each file is duplicated, so that at any time three copies of it exist. Each copy is located in independent location, with different data storage provider, with no connections to them at all (meaning that if one version gets corrupted for some reason, there two other copies that can be retrieved).

No, we cannot. All the files uploaded are divided in to the pieces, encrypted, distributed to secure servers, and then all traces are removed from our servers.
Our whole system is built that no one, but you, can access your unencrypted files.
To be frank, they are so anonymized, that we can't even tell which file are yours!

The simple answer is: no.
The reason is that is private cloud network. By allowing our members to use "share links" we would open ourselves to tracking, removal requests by organizations and governments, and pretty much open a Pandora's Box.
By building to have inability to offer share links, we fall under less restrictive laws, so we can protect your files against deletion.

Yes we do, we use industry standard of SHA-256. You are welcome to encrypt your files before uploading yourself if you'll feel better that way.
Just search "encrypt my file" in search engine, and you'll find a lot of guides on how to do this easily.
Note: you don't need to do this, but if you do, our encryption process will never affect yours (there will be never a conflict, so you'll be able to decypt your file without a problem).

We understand that unexpected live events can happen. From difficult familly issues, through job loss, insolvency, to serious accidents.
That's why provides a Iron Clad two year guarantee to all members.
If by then you'r invoices will stay unpaid, we'll start the process of closing your account, and deleting the security keys. Once the process will be done, your files will be impossible to identify and to decode.
Note: while invoices are unpaid, viewing and downloading of the files will be restricted. is taking care of this for you!
You don't need to know anything about encryption to use it.
Just upload the files and enjoy the security provided! is 100% web based, meaning you don't need to download anything!
Once your account is created everything isprepared by the backend - you can start uploading right away! is immutable cloud storage, meaning that even people working behind it cannot do any changes.
This is to protect your files and privacy.
By design, there is no way around it.

Since the permanent nature of we cannot delete anything.
You are welcome to open a new account and transfer still used files there.

Just use contact button at the bottom of this page, or in your user panel!
We can't wait to hear from you!

Permanent = secure

Protect all your files from unexpected

  • Private

    Designed to be privacy-first cloud storage. No 3rd parties like hackers, corporations, or infrastructure providers will be able to access them.

  • Permanent by default immutable system. You nor us can change or delete any files from the system. They are "set in stone" you can say. And they are for your eyes only.

  • Secure

    All the file stored with are encrypted, anonymized, replicated, and sent to three independent storage facilities spread around the world. We live no space for an unexpected.

More questions?

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