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Family Photos?
Let's fix that! is an undeletable and uneditable cloud storage for all the files you cannot afford to lose.
It's immutable, so you don't need to worry ever again for your files to get deleted, misplaced, or tampered with!

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Protect your files while you still can. helps you to preserve your files permanently.
There are things that should never fade away.


All files you upload to are kept permanently in their original form. So no one can ever delete, move, or edit them. This means that they are in the most secure form they possibly can be.


Files added to your account are encrypted, anonymized, distributed to three independent data centers, and fully protected. No one can edit or delete them. Ever.


Only you can access your files. They are fully encrypted, and decrypted only when you download them. Your files and folders (and associated data) are for your eyes only. The whole system is made to guard this.

Do You Wanna play a game?
Let's not.

46% of personal data is lost each year. is the highest security cloud storage that takes the permanency of data to the next level.
By making all the files immutable, you don't need to worry about human errors, hacker attacks, ransomware, social engineering, malicious attempts, data fading away, or unexpected life events.
Upload it once, keep it forever.
It's that simple.

Main Features

Straightforward web app is a safe and easy-to-use cloud storage. The encryption, protection, distribution of files is performed behind the scenes by sophisticated systems. You need no specialist knowledge to protect your files with us, just a web browser.

Master of One is immutable & permanent cloud storage. As little and as much. We aim to be masters of one, not a jack of all trades. If you need to secure your files permanently, you couldn't end up in a better place.

Ultimate Protection

Each file you upload is automatically encrypted using industry standards, anonymized, and sent to three independent data centers (where they are multiplied and securely stored). Each one is immutable and permanent. Each is impossible to access (and to decode) by anyone but you.

The facts:

It's because of:
-46% of personal files go missing each year
-43% of companies go out of business right after a major data loss
-20% of Bitcoins are lost forever

-utilize field-tested, industry-standard safety procedures
-use AES-256-CBC encryption on all your files and associated data
-anonymize file ownership
-make files unchangeable and undeletable
-distribute each file to three independent data centers
-keep all the tech behind the scenes, so you are not responsible for any of that

Growing with you

7.5 / 100GB

Per month, when paid annualy
$9/mo when paid monthly

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  • Unchangeable
  • Undeletable
  • Private
  • Anonymized
  • AES-256-CBC Encrypted
  • Securerly Distributed
  • Fully Redundant
  • Easy to use webapp
  • No set-up
  • No technical knowledge
  • Friendly support
  • Fail-proof architecture
  • Plans up to 10TB
  • Custom Plans Available
  • Payments are secured and processed by PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have files that you cannot afford to lose, then yes - you need permanent cloud storage.
That's the most secure way to store the files!
You don't need to worry about software or hardware failures, fires, accidents, and hacker attacks.
No more unknowns.

Short version: They are the most secure, thanks to the highly advanced solutions running in the background.
Long version: Each of your files goes through a sophisticated system of data encryption and anonymization.
We use industry-standard AES-256-CBC encryption; each file is stripped of any possible data (name, extensions, associated information).
Files are uploaded to three independent data centers (managed by independent operators), where each is duplicated at least once.
All of this is done in the backend - upload a file and enjoy all the benefits!
For additional security, never keeps encryption keys stored - they are dynamically generated when you log in.

No one, but you can see your files. employees have no access to your files, not even names. never share your files or information about them with third parties.
We've not even access to your encryption key (which is generated when you log in, meaning we cannot decrypt any part of the files at all making it unusable). is not providing an option to share the files. is a private cloud network.
Enabling sharing links would open the system to exploits and force us to remove some files when third parties request.
To protect permanency & immutability, we need to be two steps ahead. We need to keep the whole environment private.
It's for your security.

We understand that unexpected life events can happen. has you covered.
Your files remain secure even if you miss some invoices.
We'll archive your storage space and keep it as secure as before.
Once you manage to cover the missed invoices, your files will be accessible again.

You can upload any file in any format you'd like.
Your files can be zipped and encrypted - our encryption and distribution system will not affect them.
The maximum upload size is 10GB.
There is no limit to the number of files you store.
Note: file sizes are rounded up to a full kilobyte to cover the added encryption information.

Yes, they are!
There is no way for your files to be removed or modified.
Just for added security, each file is kept in independent locations; we don't take any chances.
Our business model is healthy so you don't need to worry if it will work.
To protect you - guarantees 5-year access to download your files if (in an unlikely event) we will be forced to cease its operations. is the first customer-friendly cloud offering permanent and immutable storage.
With other cloud storage services, you can lose your files by mistake (your or the company), hacker attack, or missed invoice.
With losing anything is impossible.
To make sure, it's impossible on our end too. is keeping all the complicated stuff behind the scenes.
Just upload files, and worry not!
We take care of everything. is as intuitive as it gets. is 100% web service.
It means that as long as you have a web browser, you can fully use the service.
There is no setup or downloads needed at all.

Since is immutable & permanent cloud storage, no file can be deleted, moved, or edited.
This goes for you, and us.
We have no way to delete, move, or edit your files either.
If you have a file that you would like to move away from the view, you can do this by Hiding it.
Hiding files make them invisible. They can be restored at any time.

Permanent = secure

Protect all your files from unexpected

  • Permanent focus is on permanent cloud storage - as the most trusted and reliable form of data retention. Permanent means no one, even us, can delete any of the files. Permanent means that no matter how sophisticated the hacker attack is or how silly a mistake someone makes, your files remain. Not one file will ever be deleted.

  • Immutable is immutable. In connection with the permanent state of all files, it means that there is no way for them to be tampered with. Once uploaded, they will remain original. Peace of mind that no other solution will give you. This is the real deal for the essential files you need to keep.

  • Everlasting

    The world is changing faster than at any time in history. is safe heaven - a space that provides stability. Change can be an enemy for data storage. Whether you are a family person trying to preserve memories, CEO, archivist, accountant, or data hoarder - will suit you just fine.

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