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I'm Bart, <forever improving
Webflow developer.

Get Webflow development done by an expert, not a novice.
Fast delivery, custom JS/CSS, excellent communication.

Screenshot of a website we've been involved in working with for Wroclaw Airport.
Screenshot of a website we've been involved in working with for beekeeping farm selling honeys.
Screenshot of a website we've been involved in working with for Krakow Airport.
I'm Ready

Access <forever growing
experience of:

Tasks Finished
15 years
Web Development
Websites Crafted
3 years
Webflow Trickery
LATEST project


YUMMY! Fancy organic honey? I'm working with a family-owned, responsible beekeeping farm, making it the sweetest job to date!

I was asked to develop standing-out website with subtle animations for all audiences. The project is ongoing.

Live Demo Project Link
Screenshot of a website we've been involved in working with for beekeeping business selling honey.
Background for our beekeeping portfolio piece with honey jar.
It's just the beginning



2006 First web-dev work while building my own niche social network (defunct).

2006-2010 Working as a marketing and management consultant for Dell, IBM, Symantec (now Norton), PWC, Bank of New York Mellon, Central Bank of Ireland, CIT, and much more. I was working as a web dev and programmer on numerous side projects.

2010 Launching niche DDOS-protected hosting company. It was acquired later that year.

2011-2013 Running SEO agency that peaked at 500 customers, and 85 contractors hired. It was acquired in 2013.

2014 Launching HTML5 Game Studio (5 titles released, defunct), working as a Python and PHP freelancer.

2015-2022 Working as a PHP backend developer, studied Management with a specialization in Psychology in Business. I was doing marketing and management-related consulting. I've worked as an integration expert for Webflow for major agency.

Today Working exclusively as a Webflow developer.

I'm a senior full-stack developer and senior marketing manager.
I'm fluent in English, a fast worker, reasonable, and communicative.
Webflow is the passion that has grown on me over the years.
My goal is to become one of the best Webflow developers.
I'd love to achieve that with you!
it only get's better

Experience that grows,


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The difference is that I care.
Success stories built by me result from hard work and attention to detail.

SEO & Marketing Ready.

I come from an SEO background. As a former marketing agency owner, I can provide feedback and expertise to get your projects off the ground!

Always Moving Forward.

I don't need hand-holding. But I'm not afraid to ask questions. I'm success-oriented, delivering wins. I'm fueled by experience.


No rules are set in stone. Tight deadline, custom work, special request - I'm good to go in all the cases! Just let me know!
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thank you

Proud moments:

A beekeeping website screenshot same as before.

I had only examples, colors, and a vague idea of what I needed. Bart worked hard to create drafts and a base for future development. For a non-techie - I couldn't ask for more. I'm staying with you!

Arek, BEeRising
A Wroclaw Airport website screenshot same as before.

Our goal was to ensure that the backend and frontend work was immaculate. We expected professionalism and good communication - and we've got them! Thank you!

Marta, Wroclaw Airport
A Krakow Airport website screenshot same as before.

Fast with no hand-holding.
We needed results, and we've got them. It's good to have someone you can trust and rely on to receive honest feedback instead of empty promises.

Pawel, Krakow Airport
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Let's go

<forever means better.

I have the answers

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