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Uncertain Moments Are Gone

Files on local drives and popular clouds can get damaged, deleted, lost, or even hacked. is the first premium and durable file storage that makes it easy to protect your files against all the dangers. Your data is re-distributed to three independent locations, so even an astronomical event is not a risk. Your files are immutable, which means that they are entirely immune to changes and removals for a predefined set of time - not even a spy pretending to be you can affect them. utilizes numerous of the largest and most trusted infrastructure providers enabling you to get the best there is.

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Brilliant With Your Files


All your files are immutable, meaning they are immune to changes and deletion. From one day, to forever - you decide!


Each of your files is duplicated multiple times, so we keep at least 6 copies in at least 3 different locations simoluatnessly.


All the sophisticated tech is hidden behind easy-to-use webapp. There is almost no learning curve, even for internet novice.


All files are encrypted and fully anonymized, making them unhackable and unusable to anyone, but you.

Share Once

Sharing one-time download links allows you to never worry about reciepent getting compromised or misusing access given to them.


While uses major infrastructure providers, it never passes any kind of user information to them. Your files are always yours.

Regret-Proof Your Files

Compare to popular cloud storage providers:
Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Competition
Redundant Yes Yes
Encrypted Yes Yes
Immutable Yes Possible
Full Redundancy Yes Possible
Hardware Redundacy Complete Average
Provider Can Access Your Files No Possible
Minimum Geo-Redundancy 3 1
Minimum Net-Redundancy 4 1
Minimum Copies Of Each File 6 2
Cost $25/pm $57-$140/pm
Simple Pricing Yes No
Anonymized Yes No
One-time Download Links Yes No
Novice Friendly Yes No
Premium File Storage

25 / month

for 1 TB of storage when paid annually
or $29/month when paid monthly.

Get started
  • 1 TB Storage Space
  • 1 TB Download Transfer
  • Unlimited Upload
  • Disaster Resistant
  • Immutable & Immune
  • Premium
  • Anonymized
  • AES-256 Bit Encrypted
  • Securely Distributed
  • Fully Redundant
  • One-time Share Links
  • Intuitive Web App
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Set-Up
  • Full Support
  • No Single Point Of Failure
  • Minimal Learning Curve
  • Custom Plans Available
  • Seamless Payments by PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have files that you cannot afford to lose, is the answer. It's easy to use, advanced behind the scenes (which you will never need to deal with), and friendly. is utilizing major providers infrastructures (including Google, and Amazon) without compromising on your privacy and anonymity. is just really good at what it does.

We use industry-favorite AES-256 bit encryption; each file is stripped of any associated data (name, extensions, other information).
Files are uploaded to at least three independent data centers (managed by independent operators), where each is duplicated at least once.
All of this is done in the backend - upload a file and enjoy all the benefits on autopilot!
For additional security, never sores encryption keys - they are dynamically generated when you log in. This means that there is no single point of failure.

Only you can see your unencrypted files. They are unreadable to anyone but you because of the encryption methods implemented. Infrastructure providers (or us) cannot access your decrypted files. We never share user details with 3rd parties, and we don't store decryption keys anywhere. Decryption keys are generated dynamically using numerous non-public variables when you log in. With AES-256 bit encryption, you can sleep well. focuses on privacy, so it is providing one-time download links. Each file can be shared, but only once, per link. You can generate as many links as you need. You don't need to worry about deleting one-time download links - they automatically delete themselves once used, so you don't need to worry about them. Since the nature of is durability and privacy, there is no option for permanent/multi-use share links.

We understand that unexpected can happen. has you covered.
Your files remain secure even if you miss some invoices.
We'll archive your storage space and keep it as secure as before for 6 months from the end of the last billing period.
Complete your annual payment that'll cover the overdue invoices before the 6 months runs out, and your access to the files will be fully restored as nothing happened

You can upload any file in any format you'd like.
Your files can be zipped and encrypted - our encryption and distribution system will not affect it.
The maximum upload size is 10GB.
There is no limit to the number of files you can store.
Note: file sizes are rounded up to a full kilobyte since we need to include the encryption information.

Nothing of the sorts!
As opposed to other services, there is no way for your files to be removed or modified when they are immutable.
Note that - since your files are anonymous - we can't say which ones are yours either!
Just for added security, each file is kept in an independent locations; we don't take any chances. is the first customer-friendly cloud that's dedicated immutable storage.
By making it our foundation and utilizing the infrastructures of the largest providers out there, we can give you a better, and more redundant offer, than any one of them separately.
We have no competition unless Google, Amazon, and Microsoft team up and offer a dedicated and simple solution to immutable file storage. But that will never happen, so here is - an immutable cloud storage provider utilizing the best while staying independent. is keeping all the complicated stuff behind the scenes.
Just upload files, and you don't need to worry about it anymore!
We take care of difficult processes for you, so you don't need to know about technical stuff to use it. is a 100% web service.
It means that as long as you have access to a web browser, you can use the service.
We are actively developing desktop and mobile apps to give you more options. It'll take a lot more time to complete it, though. We plan to have all platforms covered in the first half of 2022.

Since is immutable cloud storage, no file can be deleted, moved, or edited when it's immutable.
If they are not immutable, you can delete them, edit their names, or move them whenever needed.
This goes for you, and us.
We have no way to delete, move, or edit your files either.
If you have an immutable file that you would like to move away from the view (for whatever reason), you can do this by using an option to hide it.
Hiding files make them invisible. They can be made visible again at any time.

No one likes to talk about it, but we are not afraid of questions. If ( which is pretty much impossible), will not gather enough traction, and we will be forced to close, we'll provide you with the possibility to download all your files for one year from the date that the initial notice of closure was published. Again, this is impossible, but we want to ensure you that we give you a legally binding promise for an added security.

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